Post Construction Deep Cleaning in GMP and Aerospace Facilities

seep cleaning for fod

Small mistakes, big consequences

The electrician that installed the lighting didn’t mean to leave wire nuts on the bar joists.

The HVAC installer forgot about the pile of screws he left on top of the ductwork.

The welder has always left hot electrode remnants on purlins—he didn’t want them to be a hazard on the floor!

All of these examples are very real and typical.

Problems with FOD

Starting up a new production line in a room that has recently undergone a major renovation can produce problems associated with FOD. Sometimes it’s only after vibration from operational activity that FOD falls to earth—or into a place where you do not want it.

Consider the possible aftereffect of a sheet metal screw in an aircraft engine or a piece of wire in a doughnut.

“An Ounce of Prevention  is worth a pound of cure”  (Benjamin Franklin)

Blackwell’s, Inc. assisting our GMP and aerospace partners

For many years we have assisted our GMP and aerospace partners with deep cleaning. We know how to strategically and effectively search for, find, and prevent FOD issues.

FOD prevention is not just a slogan or mantra—the significance is known and of paramount importance.

A F-135 engine at Mach 1.6 just wants to leave the building, so the walls should be expected to lose a little bit of mortar. This FOD was collected by a Blackwell's search team, from an aerospace test cell which was already in service, and had routine FOD searches
Cleaning ceiling joist
Before a new facility can be occupied, a thorough overhead cleaning must be completed to ensure the area is FOD free.

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