Industrial Cleaning Means Always Learning Something New

Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Co., knew something back in his day besides how to build cars. He knew how important it was to learn. He said . . . “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.  Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

Filter used in milling aspirator

A filter used in a milling aspirator. Cleaning the aspirators are labor intensive and is similar to cleaning the filter used in a shop vacuum.

And research is proving him right. We are never to old to learn. And that’s good to know, because here at Blackwell’s, Inc., I’m always learning something knew.

Recently we cleaned a number of industrial type filters used in the milling of wheat in the process of making flour.

Milling involves many different processes that result in flour that’s free from foreign material. To get the foreign material out, the milling process uses a strong current of air that’s drawn through a falling curtain of wheat. This air current acts as a vacuum and lifts the lighter contaminants out of the wheat so that the contaminants are not ground into the flour. The machine in the mill that does this is called an “aspirator”.

industrial cleaning in milling facility

Cleaning the various parts of a flour mill’s aspirators creates a large amount of waste that will need to be removed from the facility.

Until we began industrial cleaning in the milling industry, I had no idea that an aspirator was used in the milling of flour. For my whole life, the only “aspirator” I knew about was the rubber bulb that you squeeze to clean the stuff out of a kid’s nose!

But not everybody knows that bulb is called an aspirator. I learned that by asking for one in a pharmacy. The stock person didn’t know what an aspirator was. But, after describing it, the stock person replied . . . . “Oh, you mean a “snot sucker”.

There’s room for everyone to learn something new!



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