A Seamless Floor and Cove Base

Think about it.  In any room (that is, if it is a normal room), the walls and the floor meet at a 90 degree angle.  That angle can make cleaning the floor a difficult job.  Mops, brooms and brushes just don’t reach into that wall-floor junction very well, allowing dirt and water to collect, which eventually leads to mold and bacterial growth.

Many facilities have strict requirements on cleanliness.  Hospitals, commercial kitchens, pharmaceutical facilities, locker rooms, and school restrooms, all require frequent and thorough cleaning.  And that 90 degree angle is a problem.

What’s a solution?  An epoxy coated floor with a seamless epoxy cove base will solve that problem.

epoxy coated floor

Epoxy coated floor and cove base.

A cove base is nothing more than a 3 or 4 inch high base of epoxy (think wall baseboard) that is spread on the wall and the cove (the joint between the floor and wall) with a rounded trowel. This creates a curve at the base of the wall.  After the cove base has cured, the epoxy floor is installed.  This creates a seamless floor and seamless cove base.

The result is an attractive, easily cleaned, and sanitary floor.


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