Showing the Way By Getting In the Trenches

No one here at Blackwell’s, Inc. likes to be called “The Boss”  especially the boss. But the company officers and salesmen here (including “The Boss”) understand the difficulties our guys in the trenches face and these men are willing to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty, and dive into any challenge.

Just last week, our Vice President and one of our salesmen, literally dove in to a 16 ft. deep concrete containment tank.  The tank contained caustics and /or acids used to neutralize water at an industrial waste water treatment facility.  The two were inspecting the tank for damage to the concrete coating inside the tank.

confined space industrial cleaning

Two of our leaders all dressed up and nowhere good to go!

Because this was a confined space, and because of the contents of the tank, the necessary precautions were taken before entering.  But regardless of who enters tanks like this, we follow established protocols for our safety.

The intangibles of leaders who are in the trenches along with their men, are a great asset to our company.


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