Industrial Oven Cleaning Can Prevent Product Damage

Quick!  Think of an oven.

You probably thought about your kitchen oven.  I would have too.  But ovens encompass a whole lot more than just a kitchen.

For everything that requires heat processing, there’s an oven. From cooking our food to curing the paint on a new car, an oven is used.

industrial cleaning, confined space
Vacuuming the confined space of an industrial oven used
in the manufacturing of carpet.

Whether it’s cooking, curing, dehydrating, or drying, no matter the ovens’ purpose, if contaminants build up inside the oven, or on conveyor screens that transfer a material to the oven, or on the heat exchangers sometimes located within the ovens, these contaminants can cause problems.

These include:

  • improper temperature control
  • invalidating the cure recipe
  • decreasing air circulation
  • plugging screens
  • reducing the ovens’ efficiency

The result can be PRODUCT DAMAGE.


industrial cleaning, confined space
Loose carpet fibers inside an industrial
curing oven. This oven cures the
adhesive backing of carpet.
For instance, the function of a Curing Oven is to cure a part, coating, or adhesive.  But when applying coatings to parts that then need to cure, a multitude of adherence problems can occur if the oven temperature is either too hot or not hot enough.  Underbaked coatings create a soft surface that easily rubs off, while overbaked coatings are very brittle and crack or chip easily.
Pressure washing, dry mechanical cleaning, CO2 Blasting, or vacuuming are some of the cleaning methods we use to keep these industrial ovens and associated equipment clean and functioning properly.


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