Has your Business Switched to Dry Ice Blasting Yet?

As time progresses, the popularity of dry ice blasting continues to grow along with the number of people who have experienced the wonders of this alternative cleaning solution. Yet, there are still a staggeringly high number of people in industrial occupations that have yet to hear about what CO2 Blasting can do to help their business. Maintaining a clean environment is integral for nearly every business, but some surfaces may be more difficult to cleanse than others. Thankfully, many of these procedures can be made easier with the aid of dry ice blasting services. The following is just a sample of the many businesses than can benefit:

Food and Hospital

Since dry ice cleaning is ecologically safe, biodegradable, and completely harmless to humans or animals, it makes for the best means of cleaning within sensitive locations such as hospitals or food processing plants. As the process is nontoxic in nature, surfaces that have collected dirt, mold, or other unsanitary debris can be blasted without creating a potential health hazard.

Printing Press

The printing press requires an extreme amount of intricacy and accuracy when it comes to producing materials. Unfortunately, this means even the slightest buildup of residue or dust could cause issues with alignment and other important features. As many of the pieces involved in printing machinery are small, delicate, and complex, dry ice blasting can effectively clean them without causing damage. It is important to note, however, that when cleaning sensitive surfaces that only an expert should operate the blasting machine.

Fire Department and Insurance Agency

Structural fires can be absolutely devastating in the sheer amount of property damage that is incurred, but cleaning the area afterward is no easy task either. Dry ice blasting can help make the cleansing procedure a bit more tolerable, as it can easily disperse toxic residues, soot, and associated smells after a fire. Cleaning the area is the first step toward rebuilding, and CO2 has proven time and again to be reliable in post-fire cleaning.

Electrical Motor Operations

The worst part about needing to clean electrical motors the old fashioned way is the amount of time required for the surfaces to dry. Attempting to run an electric motor that is still moist can lead to countless accidents. With dry ice blasting, the motor can be quickly heated to keep the cold metal from condensing moisture from the surrounding air when finished with the cleaning. This will help prevent any moisture from accumulating on the engine, preventing lost time and reducing the risk of potential problems.


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