Containment Barriers to Protect Equipment and Health During Cleaning and Renovations

It’s almost a given.  If renovations or cleaning is going on, there’s bound to be some type of particulate (dusts) released into the air.

To renovate, you have to tear down, and this creates dust.  Dusts that are not contained make a bigger mess and a bigger area to clean up after the work is completed.   Dusts created during renovations and cleaning can be very abrasive and damaging.  Industrial facilities can have delicate equipment that controls production machinery, so it’s important to protect this sensitive machinery and equipment.

 And it’s not just renovations that create dusts.  Cleaning can also create it.

containment room

Containment room constructed to prevent particulates from spreading during cleaning.

The use of barriers or containment rooms to contain the dusts and other pollutants created during renovations or cleaning, not only protect equipment and make cleanup easier, but help protect the health of people who might be exposed to dusts. The barriers also help prevent the dusts from spreading from the work area to other parts of the building.

Years of experience have taught us techniques to use to help contain these dusts during renovations and cleaning in industrial facilities.


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