A Confined Space Can Be a Dangerous Place to Work

Industrial Cleaning, co2 blasting, dry ice blasting
To enter the silo, our associates are equipped with supplied air,
safety harness, ear and eye protection, tyvek suit, and
a communication device.

When we send one of our guys into a confined space, such as this 100 foot tall silo entry hatch, we send a guy that’s trained to work in tight, dangerous places.

Not only is he trained and equipped with all the equipment he needs to keep him safe while he’s in there, but he has a trained support crew topside to get him out safely if an accident happens.

In places like this, it’s critical for both “pre-entry” and “active-passive” monitoring of the atmosphere inside the confined space.

Industrial Cleaning, co2 blasting, dry ice blasting
A member of the support team completing
the “pre-entry” documentation.  This hatch
cover is to an adjacent silo.

A “pre-entry” permit requires us to use multi-gas monitors to analyze and document the atmosphere inside the confined space before we go inside.

Permit Required Confined Space entry is a task we perform each and every time.  Our guys and our reputation are too important for us not to do it.

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