Vacuum Truck Services

Top notch equipment and proven experience combined.

Tanks, Silos and Other Vessels

Efficient and safe removal of wet and dry solids and liquids.


GapVax Vac Truck Cemex silo remove blockage1
A Blackwell's vacuum truck removes a blockage from a silo.

Service Includes:

Stormwater Pits

Hydro Excavation

Direct and precision removal and containment of waste

Pump Stations

Sewer Pits

Utility Pits

Tank and Vessel Cleaning

Environmental Spills

Filtration Systems

Site Clean Ups

Sludges, Slurries, Solids

Increase productivity and efficiency

Ability to operate in confined spaces and difficult access areas

Increased OHS and efficiency for operators

Clean and environmentally friendly

Hydro and Air Excavation

GapVax Hydro/Air Excavator and TRUVAC Wolf Vacuum Excavation

These are two of the most advanced vacuum trucks anywhere in the world.

Both bring the power of high-pressure air or water excavation, and the ability to vacuum and remove both wet and dry materials, from your industrial site.

More precise, less invasive excavation that protects inground utilities

vacuum truck

Guzzler Power Vacuum System

A powerful and efficient vacuuming workhorse when waste removal or waste recovery is all that is needed.

vacuum truck

Services Include:

If excavation is needed, the GapVax truck has advantages over a backhoe or shoveling:

Excavation all but eliminates damage to underground utilities

Minimally invasive. Collateral damage to the surrounding landscape is negligible

Confined excavation can be done up to 500 feet from the truck

Powerful, efficient site cleanup.

  • High pressure 4,000psi water at 14 gpm, heated with a 440,000 BTU heater
  • 5,700CFM industrial vacuum
  • Hydraulic pump discharge
Wolf Vacuum Truck Peanut Butter DUmp-min (2)
Dumping peanut butter after an emergency peanut butter spill.
These vacuum trucks are capable of vacuuming wet or dry materials.

Ballast Removal

vacuum truck ballast rock removal Ballasted roofing systems on industrial buildings are simple and quick to install. 

The gravel (known as ballast) protects the waterproof membrane underneath from the blistering and cracking damage from the sun. The ballast helps weigh down the membrane to keep it in place and makes the roof more energy-efficient.

Some of these roofs have lasted 40-50 years and longer. If you ever have a leak develop or when the roof finally needs replacing, of course the ballast has to come off first. Our vacuum trucks are powerful enough to vacuum the ballast off the roof and then we either save it for you to put back on the roof or dispose of the ballast for you.

Service Includes:

We will get the ballast off your roof quickly and safely. With one of the most advanced vacuum trucks anywhere in the world, we can remove 1000s of SF of ballast from an industrial roof in a day.

Whether you plan to reapply the ballast or not, Blackwell’s has it covered. We will either dispose of the ballast for you or keep it until it can be reapplied to your roof after repairs or maintenance take place.

Vacuum truck services
Our vacuum trucks are the solution to getting ballast off a roof quickly and safely.