Epoxy Coatings Give Concrete Floors a New Look

epoxy floor coating

Since concrete is one of the most durable manufactured building materials we have, it is used around the world. But concrete is not immune to damage. Impacts, abrasion, harsh chemicals, and thermal shock can all take a toll on concrete. And it is a given that a neglected concrete floor is likely to be covered in dust. There is not a single issue that causes the floor dust, but rather several reasons that cause it.

Concrete Floors Damaged by Forklifts

Besides the dust, neglected industrial concrete floors are often covered with abrasions, holes, and peeling stripes. Speaking of abrasions, have you ever noticed the damage that a forklift can do to a concrete floor? Sharply turning forklifts and forklifts sliding pallets across the floor can really abrade it.

Blackwell’s, Inc. Repairs Concrete Floor Damage

Blackwell’s, Inc. can repair these damaged concrete floors. That is what we have been doing for over 30 years. After we have repaired these damaged floors, why not let us protect the floors with a coating? For floors exposed to water, harsh chemicals, or abrasions, or even a combination of all three, a floor coating of epoxy with a topcoat of urethane, or even vinyl ester, would be a viable choice. And the epoxy coated floor can give your facility and brand-new look.

Now if you have decided to repair the damaged concrete flooring at your industrial facility and have decided to change that old dusty gray concrete floor to a new epoxy coated floor, what color do you want?

Epoxy Coatings Come in Many Colors

Coated flooring can be about any color but here are thoughts to keep in mind. Gray coatings are still the most popular. Light colored floors show up dark spills and dark debris on the floor. On the other hand, if you lose something, it might be easier to find on a light-colored floor! Dark colored floors show up light colored spills and debris easier, but it might hide those darker spills and debris, too.

As far as color of the epoxy floor, it is all up to you!

Contact our team at Blackwell’s, Inc. for more information of epoxy floor coatings

epoxy floor coating
Blue epoxy flooring with yellow crosswalk
Before and after epoxy coated floor
Gray epoxy coatings are most popular for concrete floors. Before and after photos.


  1. I just read your garage epoxy article and wanted to leave a comment. I’ve used epoxy before in my own garage and it’s definitely a great product! It makes the floor so much easier to clean and keeps it looking newer for longer.
    Thanks for sharing your experience with epoxy. I’m sure other readers will appreciate

  2. Thank you for mentioning HOW. The most common coatings are still gray ones. Dark spills and debris on the floor appear darker on light-colored floors. That being said, a light-colored floor may make it easier to locate lost items! My uncle wants to install epoxy flooring in his factory. He owns a construction company. I appreciate you helping me understand epoxy flooring better. I’ll forward your article to my uncle so he can choose the right flooring for his factory.

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