Dry Ice Blasting to Clean Heavy Equipment

CO2 dry ice blasting georgia
dry ice blasting to remove grease

This 26 ft. split ring gear turned a tumbler used in the manufacture of cement

When we say “We specialize in industrial cleaning”, this is what we mean!

This is a 26 ft. diameter split ring gear that is used to turn a cement tumbler. The gear teeth were cleaned using dry ice (CO2) blasting. Removing the grease from the gear’s teeth will allow engineers to inspect the teeth for any fractures or wearing. Click on the photo and you can clearly see the difference between the cleaned and uncleaned gear teeth.

CO2 blasting works exceptionally well for cleaning equipment because it leaves no secondary waste to remove from the site.

Industrial cleaning can best be described as heavy-duty cleaning because of the size and difficulty of the cleaning work as these photos show. It can be dangerous work and requires specialized training and cleaning techniques.

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