Can the Smoke Be Worse than the Fire?

Well, the answer can be . . . YES.  Smoke from a fire can contain all kinds of different chemicals.  Not only does smoke cause stains when it comes in contact with surfaces, but the chemicals in the smoke are deposited on the surfaces, too.   The smoke stains are bad enough to have to deal with, but depending on the chemicals in the smoke, you may be dealing with corrosion, too.

Pressure washing with water to clean these surfaces creates it’s own problem: water in electrical components, saturated insulation and wood structures, and rusty metal corrosion from the water.  And you will have a lot of water to remove.  Sand blasting leaves behind abrasive grit particles that can damage electrical equipment and contaminates the area with silica dust.

Dry ice blasting cleans without the messy residue left behind by water and sand. Wood, brick. rock, metal, and other surfaces that suffered smoke damage and light charring, can all be cleaned with dry ice blasting.

Because dry ice sublimates back into the atmosphere, the only cleanup after dry ice blasting is removing the charred materials and particulates.



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