Clean Ductwork to Improve Air Flow

We all know that energy costs are going up.  Yes, it is steadily increasing, and so is our energy consumption.

According to a report from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), wholesale electric prices have increased by double digits since the first half of 2013 when compared to the same period in 2012.

Wow! That takes a hit on your wallet.

It’s important for all of us to do what we can in our homes, businesses, and industries, to conserve energy and increase our energy efficiency where we can. While your ductwork may not be the first place to start trying to increase energy efficiency, it’s certainly a good place to check for efficiency.

ductwork cleaning, industrial cleaning
Dirt and debris inside ductwork before cleaning.

The build-up of dirt and debris in the ductwork prevents air from flowing freely throughout the ventilation system. That means it works harder and costs more to operate. Over time, the problem only gets worse.

We may not be able to do much to prevent the costs of energy from rising, but we can do something to keep from using so much.

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