Use a Different Cleaning Method For a Textured Floor

Put a little water on the floor and just about any restaurant kitchen floor and bathroom floor, and just about any building entrance on a rainy day, can become slippery.
Slippery floors can mean nasty falls.
Epoxy floor coating.
A slip-resistant decorative quartz epoxy floor.
Enlarge the picture and you can see the texture of the floor.
One solution is a textured, slip resistant flooring system made by combining a clear epoxy resin and a colored quartz aggregate. The aggregate in the coating creates a rough floor surface that is completely sealed in by the epoxy coating.
It works great to help prevent someone from slipping on a wet floor.
But a textured floor requires a slightly different cleaning method.  The old mop and bucket of water leave behind dirt particles trapped by the rough texture of the floor itself.
To clean the floor, use a soft bristled brush along with the soapy water to dislodge the dirt from the floor.  Follow this brushing with a final rinse and use a wet/dry vacuum to remove both the dirty water and rinse water from the floor.
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