Is This Floor the Future of Polished Floors?

1500 grit polished floor meeting specifications of robotic survey

 “The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed “.

                                                                                        −William Gibson─

To most people, this newly polished concrete floor looks like just about any other Blackwell’s, Inc. polished concrete floor. Yes, it’s got a brilliant shine brought about by the 1500 grit finish, but there’s a significant difference.

Following the removal of the existing floor coating, this concrete floor had an initial floor grinding to an 800-grit finish for test purposes. Using a 16 ft. level, we checked for high and low areas on the floor. A Robotic Profileograph survey, done by a third party, identified one isolated 3mm error which we corrected to achieve the desired specifications in levelness and smoothness for the floor.

Why were we so captious? Because this floor, at an airline technical operations center, will use intelligent robotics with AI software to select and deliver aircraft parts to mechanics for their inspection and repair of the aircraft.

What may become normal for those living in the future already exists at this airline. 


1500 grit polished floor meeting specifications of survey


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