Finding a Problem Before It Becomes Bigger

concrete floor repair

Checking Out Those Dark Corners

Finding a problem in the darker corners of your industrial facility before it becomes an even bigger problem, may not the easiest thing to do.

Over years of use, brine water, created as a waste product in the production of a food supplement, caused this metal drain to rust and the concrete surrounding the drainpipe to deteriorate.

But brine water, dripping from the ceiling and on to the finished product on the floor below is a sure sign you have a problem!

By a thorough cleaning inside the drainpipe and the containment area, removing the damaged concrete, replacing it with an epoxy grout, and a final topcoat of decorative floor coating . . . we fixed the problem.

concrete floor repair
concrete floor repair
Brine water damaged concrete and floor drain
Damaged concrete removed and                                                          repaired with epoxy

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