Dry Ice Blasting to Prepare a Wall for Painting

Ceiling before and after dry ice blasting

This is the second post written by Zach Cato, one of our CO2LD TECH dry ice blasting supervisors.  This particular job was to use up the remaining dry ice left over from an ice blasting job at the same mill earlier that day. The before and after photos of the job are not as dramatic as they are normally, but it is what it is.

Zach writes: This was an area that I CO2 blasted at (a grain mill). We had cleaned a truck bin with ice that morning and cleaned the wall in the afternoon with our remaining ice. We were using our Sullair 375 compressor and blasting at about 90 psi out of the machine.  It is likely that we had less pressure at the gun nozzle due to the extra 30 feet of blast hose that was connected after the machine’s psi gauge. The wall was one more floor up on the 6th floor and an additional 120 ft away from our compressor.

The ice removed all dirt that clung to the wall and pipes as well as any loose paint that needed to be removed before painting. The wall and pipes took about 45 minutes to clean and luckily used up our last tote of ice (which was much nicer to load back onto the truck).

With dry ice cleaning and prepping an area in 45 minutes, specialized crews would be able to clean, prep and prime a new area in one day. That is, if the customer thought it still needed painting once he saw how the old paint really looked.


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