Dry Ice Blasting to Remove Smoke & Residue

dry ice blasting to remove soot and smoke damage
Smoke and soot damage to floor joists after
a furnace fire in the crawlspace.

Even though it was a relatively small fire confined to the crawlspace of the house, the smell of smoke was extremely invasive and unpleasant throughout the house, long after the fire was out.

The fire occurred in a heating unit in the crawlspace, and other than the damage to the heating unit itself, the only damage to the house was the soot and smoke permeating the wood floor joists.

dry ice blasting to remove smoke and soot damage
The floor joists after dry ice blasting.

Visible soot and invisible odor are two types of damage smoke causes to wood.  Fortunately, it’s something that usually can be cleaned.

And using dry ice is an ideal cleaning method.

Dry ice removes the physical appearance of smoke quickly and without damaging equipment, wiring, or other materials, and the odor disappears usually within a few days.

Yeah, there are other cleaning methods, but they can create their own problems.

Pressure washing leaves water in the crawlspace, and can wet electrical components, and saturate wood and insulation.  Sand blasting leaves behind abrasive grit particles that can damage electrical equipment and contaminates the area with silica dust.

Dry ice blasting cleans the surfaces without the messy residues associated with other cleaning methods.

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