Dry Ice Cleans Machinery (And Freckles!)

CO2 blasting baking oven

“Freckles Frozen Off With Dry Ice”

That was a headline from an article printed in 1933 about an Italian doctor using dry ice to remove freckles. Keep in mind now that dry ice is minus 109 degrees F. That’s COLD. The article went on to say that the dry ice was in contact with the freckle for about three seconds.

Depending on the number of freckles, I imagine it could probably take a long time!

Dry ice blasting (CO2 Blasting)
Dry ice blasting tenter clips used in fabric manufacturing

No, we don’t get rid of freckles here at Blackwell’s Inc., but we do use dry ice to blast clean machinery and equipment. Dry ice blasting allows us to clean equipment in place without removing it from production lines. That makes the cleaning faster.  And because dry ice sublimates back to CO2 gas, it’s environmentally friendly.

Take a look on YouTube and you’ll see us cleaning equipment using dry ice.  And if our new video is up and running, you might even find yourself tapping your toes to the music!

We’ll save the freckle cleaning to somebody else!

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