Vacuum Trucks are Ideal for Disaster Cleanup

vortex cleaning, vacuum truck

Hurricane Season is Upon Us

We may see more hurricanes than we normally do this hurricane season. That’s the recent prediction from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). And we are at the beginning of the season now. The peak months for hurricanes in the Atlantic are August through October.

NOAA says to be prepared.


Public municipalities may have trouble with sewer backups and storm drain overflows

Hurricanes can produce tremendous amounts of rainwater in a very short time. All that water flows downhill and with the water comes all kinds of debris including mud, trash, tree limbs, even clothing and dead animals.

Public municipalities may have trouble with their pumps, catch basins, and storm drains clogging and overflowing if they are not prepared for these kinds of rains.

So how do these municipalities quickly get the drains unclogged?


Blackwell’s, Inc.’s industrial vacuum trucks are ideal for this job.

Here are the capabilities of these vacuum trucks:

  • Gallons Per Minute Pumping—500 gpm.
  • Tank size—2800-3000 gal.
  • Hose Size—8 in.
  • CFM—5500
  • Solids— Up to 6 in. round
  • Heavy Sludge—Yes. And loves it!
  • Hazardous Material—Yes. Rated for hazardous material transfer
  • Reach/Pump head—Over 200 ft.
  • Elevated head—Over 60 ft.
  • Time needed to pump 1000 gallons—2 minutes
  • Built in pressure washer —Yes. Up to 6,000 PSI. Hot water
  • On board water storage—Yes. 500 gal.
  • Standard boom reach—30 ft.
  • Dumping/Discharge Method—Rear hatch, fast dumping

A vacuum truck is entirely built around an extremely high-powered vacuum/pump. They are made to vacuum and pump solids, sludge, and liquids at an extremely high rate and up to about 500 ft. away.

We know the hurricane predictions of NOAA. If a hurricane disaster hits us, Blackwell’s, Inc. is ready to help.

sewer lift station dirty
Sewer system lift station before cleaning of debris. The vacuum hose from the truck is in the foreground
sewer lift station cleaned, confined space cleaning
A similar sewer system lift station after cleaning

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