The Versatility of Dry Ice Blasting

dry ice blasting

We all call it dry ice (that’s the more common name of the solid form of carbon dioxide). It’s found in abundance on several celestial bodies in our solar system including Mars, and the moons of Uranus and Neptune. So, it’s been around for eons.

But the use of dry ice has a much shorter history. Some say 1835 is about the time a French chemist first observed it. Some of the more colorful and storied uses for dry ice were using it to make soda water to mix with whiskey, and for removing warts.

Because dry ice sublimates and leaves no secondary waste to remove, and because it is non-abrasive, it’s excellent for industrial cleaning. Dry ice blasting can clean hard to reach areas, without damage to the surface integrity.

With complete control, a good dry ice blasting operator can clean even delicate equipment.

Because of the versatility of dry ice blasting, Zach Cato, our Dry Ice Blasting Division Operations Manager has even found a new use for it . . . carving Halloween pumpkins!

dry ice blasting

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