Proper Maintenance of Polished and Coated Concrete Floors

Polished concrete and coated concrete floors are both great floors in industrial environments.  Depending on the industry, one floor might be a better choice than the other. Or, as in the photos below, a combination of polished and coated concrete might make the best floor choice.

Regardless of which floor you choose, for the floor to look its best, some maintenance will be needed.

Constant foot traffic, forklifts, pallet jacks, etc., relentlessly pick up foreign soils and redistribute these soils throughout the floor.  Without proper maintenance, the once beautiful floor takes on a dusty and scuffed appearance.  Make no mistake, the floors are not maintenance-free, but the advantage of these floors is that maintenance is minimal.

Each type floor has its own maintenance requirements and the durability and beauty of the floor is directly affected by how well the proper maintenance is followed.

For a floor maintenance guide for both types of floors, give us a call.


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