A Daunting Floor Coating Job

After you’ve been in the floor coating business as long as we have, there’s very little that surprises us.

But one floor in particular became a journey into unexplored territory.  And one that caused our project manager a few sleepless nights!

Construction of pads to support chemical tanks.
These pads were constructed so that they were
within 3 mm of level on this sloped floor.

The project specifications called for the construction and coating of numerous pads to support chemical tanks.  The pads ranged in size from 6 feet in diameter up to 12 feet wide and 480 feet long.

Coating the pads was the easy part.  That’s what we do.  Constructing the pads was the difficult part and the one that kept our project manager from sleeping.

You see, for us to meet specifications, each pad had to be precisely constructed in a direct line and so that each pad was within 3 mm of level.  And this was on a sloped floor!

Construction and coating of pads to support chemical tanks.
By using a laser level, these pads were
precisely in line with each other.

Blackwell’s Inc.
Industrial Specialty Cleaning
Concrete Coatings and Concrete Repair
Lagrange, GA

Thankfully, our experience, a good construction plan, and a wise project manager, and we got it done.


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