Cleaning With Dry Ice Has Clear Advantages

There are many cleaning applications where using dry ice to clean with has a clear advantage over using water, sand, and solvents.

Think about heavy, outdoor equipment. If it’s outside, then that’s probably a good application for cleaning with sand or water.

Dry ice blasting of delicate machinery.
Delicate equipment after cleaning with dry ice.
Cleaning with dry ice can be aggressive or gentle
and is completely dry.

But what about equipment with moving parts?  Or what if the equipment is indoors?  Well, now the sand could be a problem.  Water could be a problem too, if you can’t get the equipment dry.  And what do you do with the sand that is probably blown all over the place?  How do you get the sand back out of the cracks and crevices?  What about the water you cleaned with?  Where is it going?  How long will it take to dry?

How do you remove the chemical solvents?  Can they contaminate something else?

Because dry ice sublimates back into the atmosphere there is no cleaning material to remove.  That’s a clear advantage!

What if the equipment is delicate? Or has electrical components. What if it has to stay dry?  Those are additional advantages for using dry ice.

Dry ice blasting of delicate machinery.
The same equipment contaminated with
loose paint and other materials before cleaning.

There are places where sand, water, or solvents might be a better choice.  Then again, there are places where Dry Ice would be better.

Now you have choices.

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