Flour Silos Are A Challenge To Clean

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We all want our food to be safe to eat.  Thankfully, our food industry products are made to high standards of quality and safety.

Cleanliness in the industry, if not paramount, is close to the top of importance in food safety.

Every process has to start someplace.  In the food industry, it starts with a silo or other storage system to store the raw materials.  In a bakery, it’s probably a grain or flour, or even a sugar silo.  These silos can be huge and up to more than a two hundred feet in height and ninety feet in diameter.  Cleaning the interior of these silos are a challenge and require special training and techniques.

Flour silos are usually filled completely and then emptied, then filled again.  The inside of the silo can become contaminated with old flour residue deposits that can cause blockages and can result in a shutdown of the process.  This old flour residue, if left on the interior silo walls, contaminates the new flour when filling the silo.

Cleaning the silos thoroughly can prevent this contamination of the new flour.

Dry ice blast cleaning of the silo interiors, not only removes the flour residues but can also decontaminate the silo’s surface of some micro-organisms.



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