We Take Safety Seriously

Safety first.

That’s a slogan that we grow up with as children and often never fully appreciate. But here at Blackwell’s Inc. it is something we take very seriously.

We work in many industrial environments throughout the southeast.  Our goal is to provide our associates with current accurate information regarding safety and how to apply this information to keep us and our clients safe in the many facilities in which we do work.

David Blackwell, President and CEO of Blackwell’s Inc. believes job safety is so important that he has a full-time person employed just for that purpose.  Clint Greathouse, Safety Coordinator with Blackwell’s Inc. says that “Keeping our associates and worksite safe, benefits not only our company and our associates, but our customers as well.”

Continuous safety training in all aspects of Blackwell’s Inc. operations, together with monitoring safety performance, is very much a part of the day-to-day work. “We make sure at all times, that our personnel, and the worksite itself, is safe.”

Clint recently completed the Trainer Course in Occupational Safety and Health Standards for the Construction Industry at Georgia Tech.  This designation gives Clint the authorization to teach the 10 hr. and 30 hr. Outreach Training.  That says a lot when the safety coordinator for us is also the safety instructor for others!

Safety first.  We take it seriously.

Blackwell’s Inc.
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