Emergency Cleaning

Emergencies can happen anytime. And when they do, a quick response is critical.

Blackwell’s Inc. received a 5:05 PM call yesterday to respond to an immediate need at a large industrial site . The facility had accidently filled the oil fire suppression and effluent tank to capacity with runoff water, leaving no room for any discharge of cutting oil used in the production of metal parts.

In the event of a fire at the site, the tank is designed to be an emergency dump for the cutting oil.

We put in a call to crew members and pulled together a load up of equipment needed including a vacuum truck, and mobilized at 6:30 p.m. Upon arrival at the site, our Safety Coordinator met with a reprensentative at the site to create a JSA (Job Safety Analysis) and a work plan to cover the emergency cleaning.

After barricading the area, we set up the vacuum truck with what we thought would be the correct vacuum hoses. We opened the hatches to the tank to gain access to the water, only to discover that the access port available to us was a 2 inch pipe with a cam lock. Our vacuum hoses are 8 inches!

With a little ingenuity, a plastic bucket with a 2 in. hole cut in it, and a lot of duct tape, we were able to connect the 2 in. pipe to our 8 in. hose.

The job was discontinued at approximately 2:30 AM after vacuuming all that could be gotten out of the 2 in. cam lock. The estimated water and oil removed was 7000 gallons.

An emergency cleaning job completed.


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