Benefits of Polished Concrete Floor

One of the most beautiful advantages of concrete floor polishing, other than the marble-like sheen, is that the maintenance of the floor is minimal.

But minimal DOES NOT mean NO MAINTENANCE.  The durability of a newly polished floor and the length of time between re-polishing is directly affected by how well you follow an established maintenance program.  When we leave your facility, we’ll show you what to do to keep your floor looking beautiful. And we’ll tell you several things that you should not do.

Even though polished concrete is a  durable floor, you should not:

  1. USE HARSH CHEMICALS-these etch into the surface, sometimes causing irreversible damage to the polished concrete
  2. USE HARD BRUSHES-nothing can scuff a shiny floor like a coarse brush or pad.
  3. DO NOTHING-The number one cause for failure of a polished floor is NEGLECT.  Doing nothing leaves tiny grains of dirt on the floor that acts like sandpaper.  Foot traffic and forklift traffic relentlessly pick up this dirt  and grinds it into the floor leaving a scuffed appearance and reduces the shine.

You’ve made an investment in your polished floor.  Now just take the next step and learn to maintain it’s beautiful appearance.


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