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Covid-19 Risk to Workers

Covid-19 Risk to Workers Covid-19 is a respiratory virus, largely spread through breathing in infected respiratory droplets.The risk of exposure to it in industrial facilities may depend on the type of industry and the need for workers to be within 6 feet of each other. The CDC says that even though COVID-19 spreads primarily from…
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Blackwell’s Against the Backdrop of the Coronavirus

Blackwell's Inc has a contingency plan in place designed to prevent any service disruptions due to coronavirus impacts. Blackwell's will continue to monitor CDC and EPA guide lines, product recommendations and implementation processes, required to maintain a front-line position in the battle against COVID-19. Much of Blackwell's day to day work involves the cleaning and…
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Vacuuming Rooftop Ballast Rock

So why do roofing contractors put rock on a flat roof? There are several reasons. The ballast (rock or gravel ) protects the waterproof membrane underneath from the blistering and cracking damage from the sun. The ballast helps weigh down the membrane to keep it in place. And, it makes the roof more energy-efficient. Some…
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