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Vacuuming Rooftop Ballast Rock

So why do roofing contractors put rock on a flat roof? There are several reasons. The ballast (rock or gravel ) protects the waterproof membrane underneath from the blistering and cracking damage from the sun. The ballast helps weigh down the membrane to keep it in place. And, it makes the roof more energy-efficient. Some…
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Vacuum Truck Removes Contaminated Flour From Silo

Using a Vacuum Truck to Clean Silos How do you dry 80,000 lbs. of wheat flour, contained in a silo and wet from rain from a hurricane ? You don't. You use a vacuum truck to remove it from the silo and then you dump it. [caption id="attachment_3992" align="alignright" width="225"] Blackwell's GapVax truck dumping a…
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