Silo Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Ensure the integrity and safety of your silos with industrial cleaning and repair services by Blackwells, Inc. - OSHA certified and FDA compliant.

Silo Cleaning

Regardless of what a silo holds, there will come a time when it requires industrial cleaning.
Cleaning is necessary to:
Brushdown to remove caked on flour inside of this silo.

Why Choose Blackwells, Inc. for
Your Silo Needs?

At Blackwells, Inc., we understand that the cleanliness and structural integrity of your silos are paramount to the quality of your product. Contamination or failure in silo linings can have drastic consequences, affecting both product quality and safety. Our dedicated team of professionals is equipped to handle the complexities of silo inspection, cleaning, and repairs, including those in the food industry.

Our emphasis on industrial silo cleanliness is not merely about  maintaining appearances; it’s a critical aspect of operational integrity and product quality. The services we provide are crucial for industries that rely on the pristine condition of their silos to store everything from grains in the agricultural sector to chemicals in manufacturing processes.

Silo Repair

Cleaning allows for the inspection of the silo to determine areas needing repair.

Inspections of an aging silo can uncover a lining failure of the wall that can cause the product in the silo to be unfit for its intended use.

Drastic measures are sometimes needed to prevent contamination of the finished product in silos.

Applying an epoxy coating to repair a failed silo liner
Pressure washing the exterior of these silos

In an ever-evolving industrial landscape, Blackwells, Inc. remains steadfast, continuing to offer peace of mind to our clients through our
unwavering standards of silo maintenance and repair, thus safeguarding the industrial vitality of the southeastern United States for years to come.

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