Elevate Your Site with Precision Hydro and Air Excavation Services

Introducing our state-of-the-art Hydro/Air Excavation services, powered by our fleet of advanced vacuum trucks, unparalleled in their capabilities worldwide. Our services harness the formidable force of high-pressure air or water to perform precise, non-invasive excavations, ensuring the protection of underground utilities at your industrial site. Equipped to vacuum and dispose of both wet and dry materials efficiently, we bring a new level of precision and safety to your excavation needs.

Vacuum Excavation Solutions

Meet our powerhouse, the Guzzler Power Vacuum System, your ultimate solution for waste removal or recovery. This efficient vacuuming workhorse is designed for maximum performance, simplifying your industrial cleaning processes without compromising on power.

Our Expert Services Include:

Hydro excavation to expose underground utilities

Adopting the Principles Learned after Years of Industrial Service Excellence

Inspired by Blackwell’s, Inc.’s dedication to enhancing manufacturing facilities, we apply the same standards of quality, safety, and efficiency to our excavation services. Our commitment to maintaining the integrity of your site mirrors the meticulous care and expertise in industrial services, ensuring operations run smoothly and comply with OSHA regulations and FDA guidelines.

Our Promise:

  • Precision and Safety: Our excavation techniques are designed to safeguard underground utilities, minimizing disruption and risk.
  • Efficiency and Quality: Just as with industrial flooring solutions, we prioritize lasting results and operational excellence.

Revolutionizing Excavation with Advanced Technology:

We’re not just about digging; we aim to innovate with techniques that redefine excavation standards. Our services are a testament to our commitment to excellence and sustainability, ensuring your site benefits from the latest in excavation technology.

If excavation is needed, the GapVax truck has advantages over a backhoe or shoveling:

  • Excavation all but eliminates damage to underground utilities
  • Minimally invasive. Collateral damage to the surrounding landscape is negligible
  • Confined excavation can be done up to 500 feet from the truck
hydro excavation

Investing in our Hydro and Air Excavation services means choosing a partner dedicated to the success and safety of your industrial operations. Experience the difference with us and set a new standard for your excavation projects.

Vacuum truck water excavation

water excavation

Water excavation exposed the utilities by using the vacuum truck's capability to pothole.

water excavation to expose utilities

Utility lines exposed with water excavation