Confined Space Industrial Cleaning Services

Ensure the safety and compliance of your confined spaces with specialized cleaning services by Blackwells, Inc. - Certified under OSHA and compliant with industry standards.

Confined Space Cleaning

Confined spaces in industrial settings, such as tanks, vessels, and silos, require regular cleaning to maintain operational efficiency and ensure worker safety.


Regular facility maintenance inspections should be an important step in keeping a facility safe and operating efficiently. Stored products, debris, and corrosion causing materials can create a buildup of material at the bottom or clinging to the sides of tanks which eventually will need to be removed.


Cleaning is essential to:

Cleaning the inside of a hydrolic oil tank

Why Choose Blackwells, Inc. for

Your Confined Space Cleaning Needs?

Blackwells, Inc. recognizes the critical nature of confined space cleaning, not just for compliance but as a fundamental component of industrial safety and productivity.

Our team is trained to navigate the complexities of confined space environments, ensuring thorough cleaning without compromising on safety.

  • Continuous air monitoring: Utilizing appropriate instrumentation (Multi Gas Detector) to assess oxygen (O2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), and Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) levels within the confined space.
  • OSHA-trained personnel: Deploying personnel certified by OSHA for confined space operations, ensuring expertise in navigating these hazardous environments.
  • Dedicated support crew: Maintaining an OSHA-trained crew stationed outside the confined space, equipped for emergency retrieval and communication.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE): Equipping entrants with protective gear including Tyvek suits, gloves, eye/ear protection, and appropriate respiratory protection (dust mask, APR/SAR as needed).
  • Fall protection: Implementing fall arrest systems (tripods, winches, safety harnesses) for vertical work and safety retrieval lines with anklets for horizontal work.
  • Attendant vigilance: Assigning a dedicated attendant to continuously monitor and communicate with the entrant, ensuring their safety.

Confined Space Repair and Maintenance

Following a detailed cleaning, our team conducts inspections to identify any need for repairs or maintenance, ensuring your confined spaces remain in optimal condition for safe and efficient operation.

  • Detection and rectification of structural weaknesses or damage.
  • Sealing and coating to protect against corrosion and leaks.
  • Upgrades to meet current safety and operational standards.
A member of the support team completing the “pre-entry” documentation before entering the confined space of a silo.
confined space training
Confined space training module mock-up on the Blackwell's, Inc. campus

With a steadfast commitment to safety, quality, and compliance, Blackwells, Inc. continues to serve the southeastern United States, providing peace of mind to our clients through our comprehensive confined space cleaning, maintenance, and repair services. Trust us to maintain the integrity and safety of your industrial confined spaces, ensuring they contribute to your operational success for years to come.

Entering confined space

" What goes into the silo, comes out". Retrieving a missing Multi Gas Detector from a silo.

confined space cleaning silo

Count the cables. One for the bosun chair rigging. One for the entrant's harness. One for the suspended light.

blackwells industrial cleaning services
confined space cleaning
Confined spaces cleaning

Confined space literature

blackwells industrial cleaning services
confined space cleaning

Support team member completing the confined space "pre-entry" documentation

Confined space cleaning of a four-foot high hydraulic oil tank

Initial pressure washing of a manhole before repairs were made

manhole rehabilitation

After repairs and protective sewer lining

Entering the confined space of a silo. Notice the safety equipment and ventilation for entrant, and harnessed safety attendant.

Vacuuming grain from silo

blackwells industrial cleaning services
blackwells industrial cleaning services
confined space

Dirty in a bosun's chair while suspended aloft inside a silo