Revolutionizing Surfaces: The Art of Polishing Concrete with Age-Old Techniques

Elevate the visual appeal and durability of your workspace with Blackwell's, Inc., your trusted partner in industrial concrete flooring solutions. Drawing from our extensive experience in industrial cleaning and maintenance, we offer pioneering services in concrete polishing, extending the life and enhancing the beauty of your concrete surfaces. Our commitment to safety, quality, and innovation ensures compliance with OSHA regulations and FDA guidelines, facilitating a seamless operation of your facility.

Comprehensive Flooring Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Our services encapsulate a deep understanding of the needs within a manufacturing facility, ensuring that every square foot of your space, meets the highest standards of durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal:

Industrial polished concrete floor

Why Partner with Blackwell’s, Inc.?

Choosing Blackwell’s, Inc. means selecting a partner who appreciates the foundational importance of your facility’s floors. Our expertise extends beyond the conventional, embracing both the robustness of concrete with the subtle elegance of granite. With Blackwell’s, you invest in:

  • A Future-Proof Foundation: Our flooring solutions not only meet today’s demands but are designed with the future in mind, ensuring your space remains functional, safe, and visually appealing for years to come.
  • Historical Durability, Modern Aesthetics: Inspired by the timeless durability of ancient constructions and the natural beauty of granite, we bring the best of both worlds to your doorstep.
  • Precision and Care: From initial assessment using advanced surveying techniques to the final polish, our team ensures every detail is addressed with the utmost precision and care.

Tradition Meets Technology: Our Approach to Flooring Excellence

Our approach to polishing granite and concrete surfaces is steeped in history yet powered by the latest technological advancements. Drawing on concrete’s millennia-long legacy and our own experience since 1999, we’ve honed our skills in creating floors that stand the test of time and use:

  • Adapting Ancient Strengths to Modern Spaces: Just as the Romans utilized concrete to construct enduring monuments, we apply the same principles of durability and design to modern industrial and commercial spaces.
  • Innovative Techniques for Unmatched Beauty: Utilizing a range of grinding discs from coarse 16 grit for initial leveling to ultra-fine finishes for a mirror-like sheen, we customize the polishing process to meet the unique aesthetic and functional requirements of your facility.
  • Sealing Perfection with Densifiers: The final touch of applying a densifier seals the surface, enhancing its strength and lustre, a testament to our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality.
polished concrete with epoxy
A medical facility polished concrete floor with an equipment demarcation of epoxy coatings
polished concrete floor
1500 grit finish

Transform your space with Blackwell’s, Inc., where we merge the enduring legacy of concrete with the natural elegance of granite, setting a new standard for industrial and commercial flooring solutions in the southeastern United States. Discover a partner committed to elevating your facility’s performance and aesthetic, ensuring a solid foundation for success.

industrial flooring services

Epoxy coating equipment demarcation on a polished floor

sliup resistant polished concrete floor
polished concrete flooring
polished concrete floor

1500 grit finish

oil stains on concrete

Oil stains on this industrial facility concrete floor

After removal of oil stains and striping

Concrete floor after removal of oil stains

After removing oil stains, this floor was polished to 1500 grit (same floor but different view)

dirty polished floor

A "do nothing" approach to polished floor cleaning

cleaned and polished floor

The same floor after cleaning and polishing again

Robotic profileograph used to identify isolated unevenness in this robotic floor

1500 grit polished floor meeting specifications of robotic survey