Enhanced Cleaning and Maintenance Services for Your Facility with Blackwells, Inc.

Elevate the cleanliness and functionality of your facility with Blackwells, Inc.'s state-of-the-art dry ice blasting services. Our commitment to excellence ensures your operations adhere to the highest safety and cleanliness standards, fully compliant with OSHA regulations and FDA guidelines.

Revolutionary Cleaning Technique

Dry ice blasting represents a leap forward in facility maintenance, targeting hard-to-reach areas without the drawbacks of traditional methods. This innovative approach is perfect for:

Ceiling before and after dry ice blasting
A side by side comparison of an industrial kitchen ceiling with collected aerosolized oil (left) and after dry ice blasting to remove it, followed by an acrylic coating (right).

Choose Blackwells, Inc. for Unmatched Facility Cleaning

Blackwells, Inc. is at the forefront of employing dry ice blasting for comprehensive facility maintenance. Our commitment to cleanliness and maintenance excellence makes us a trusted partner in various industries, from manufacturing and food processing to chemical production.

We excel in:

  • Precision Cleaning: Thoroughly cleaning and inspecting facilities to address any potential hazards or issues.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring all cleaning practices meet industry regulations and standards.
  • Efficient and Timely Service: Minimizing downtime and disruption with prompt, effective cleaning solutions.

Beyond Cleaning: Comprehensive Equipment Maintenance

Our service extends to meticulous inspections and maintenance, allowing for early detection and prompt repair of any equipment issues. 

Rely on Blackwells, Inc. for Preventive Maintenance:

For many years we have assisted our GMP and aerospace partners with deep cleaning. We know how to strategically and effectively search for, find, and prevent FOD issues.

FOD prevention is not just a slogan or mantra—the significance is known and of paramount importance.

dry ice blasting in GMP facility, cleaning physics
Dry ice blasting inside a GMP Food Production Facility to remove flaking paint from overhead steel pipes. The red arrow at top right points to the dry ice blasting wand. The red arrow at bottom left points to the HEPA air filter and ventilation fan removing air from the floor to ceiling plastic curtain creating a negative air pressure containment room.
seep cleaning for fod
Before a new facility can be occupied, a thorough overhead cleaning must be completed to ensure the area is FOD free

In the fast-paced world of industrial and facility management, the cleanliness and efficiency of your operations are paramount. Blackwells, Inc. is your partner in achieving these goals, offering unparalleled service and commitment to excellence. Trust us to keep your facility and equipment in prime condition, ensuring you stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

blackwells industrial cleaning services

Debris on facility's exhaust fan

blackwells industrial cleaning services

Same fan after CO2 cleaning

FOD collected by a Blackwell's search team from an aerospace test cell which was already in service, and had routine FOD searches..

Louvers in an aerospace facilitywith a heavy load of oily dust

After a throrough cleaning

dry ice blasting brick

Dry ice blasting brick inside containment area

co2 blasting for paint prep

Using dry ice blasting to prep for paint at water works facility

co2 blasting

Smoke damage on floor joists

co2 blasting

Floor joist cleaned with dry ice blasting

co2 blasting

Dry ice blasting to remove peeling paint in this school renovation

industrial cleaning services
industrial cleaning services