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From floor coatings to specialty industrial cleaning, Blackwells' can take care of your industrial service needs.




No longer is concrete simply patched . . . it's transformed!

Industrial Floor Coatings and Concrete Floor Polishing

  • Our extensive concrete floor coatings and concrete repair experience, combined with our on-going educational training, keep us abreast and skilled in the latest technologies and sciences on the repair and restoration of concrete.  Whether it's paint or floor coating removal or a complete concrete floor repair, we can transform your dull, lifeless floor, into a very durable and beautiful one.
  • Rehabilitation of concrete floors can be accomplished through many industrial floor coatings including: 

• Epoxy floor coatings

• Decorative quartz floor systems

• Urethane floor systems

• Vinyl ester floor systems

• Polished concrete: an attractive alternative to an industrial coated floor. Polishing concrete floors make them resistant to spills, stains, and abrasions It is a perfect choice for industrial, warehouse, and retail floors. A polished concrete floor is also extremely low maintenance. Depending on the level of shine, polishing concrete can make the room brighter. And as a bonus, the smooth finish of a polished concrete floor has the look of polished marble.




A cleaning evolution . . . using today's technology

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Industrial Cleaning Service

The specialized equipment used in today's industries requires specialized cleaning equipment and skills. Clean equipment maximizes efficiency. Any downtime for cleaning costs the company in profits.



Many cleaning situations involve confined spaces that require specific protocols for entry. The industrial cleaning service division of Blackwell's addresses situations within facilities that require specialized training and cleaning techniques.  Permit Required Confined Space entry is a task we perform each and every time we enter confined spaces.



Since 1982, Blackwell's has been the source for industrial cleaning service throughout the southeastern United States.  Blackwell's associates are all 10 Hour OSHA Certified and OSHA Confined Space Certified, which means we have the skills, training, and safety equipment to go where others can't.



We are the professionals with decades of experience on our teams should your industrial cleaning service require:

• Confined space work

  • • Hot or cold pressure cleaning
  • • Dry ice (CO2) blasting
  • • Silo cleaning, ductwork cleaning, or cleaning of ceilings, production machinery, vats, and storage tanks


Industrial Cleaning of ductwork.
confined space and silo cleaning


Dry ice blast cleaning tenter clips.

Dry Ice Blasting (CO2 Blasting) 

CO2LD TECH, the dry ice cleaning division of Blackwells, uses non-abrasive dry ice pellets to completely remove a variety of surface contaminants. Since dry ice is nothing more than frozen CO2, dry ice blasting leaves no secondary waste stream and is completely dry.


Dry ice blasting is non-corrosive, non-conductive, non-toxic, and food safe. Blasting with dry ice allows us to clean on line and in place, for less down time and more run time, which makes it a more cost effective way to clean.


Dry ice blasting makes the "old way" of industrial cleaning almost obsolete.




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