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Concrete Repair

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No matter what the age or condition of your current floor, Blackwell's Inc. can breathe new life into it! We utilize cementitious repair mortars, epoxies, and a host of other materials to patch and repair concrete surfaces.

Damaged concrete in need of repair.

Concrete is not immune to damage by impacts, abrasions, harsh chemicals, and thermal shock.

Industrial floor coatings will extend the life of concrete.

Chemical and abrasion resistant coatings will extend the life of the concrete.






Concrete floors are not immune to damage by impact, abrasion, harsh chemicals , and thermal shock. Many warehouses utilize forklifts and other heavy equipment that cause damage to concrete surfaces. Damaged concrete creates damaged equipment. Possibly you have had to relocate equipment within the work area and it has left behind holes and other damage.

Protecting the concrete with chemical and abrasion resistant coatings will extend the life of the concrete. Blackwell's has the answer to this and many others. We can repair those holes and make the area look like new again. Feel free to give us a call today.

Concrete repair is needed because of acid damage

Concentrated sulfuric acid damage to concrete. Concrete was a porus and powdery soft spot.

concrete floor repair

Concrete was first nutralized for pH, then squared off and removed. Area was then rebuilt with vinyl ester grout and ground to the original slope.

Even though concrete may appear to be almost indestructible, it can be severely damaged by acids. This is very evident in the first picture to the left of the reaction of concentrated sulfuric acid and calcium hydroxide in the concrete. Left to itself, the result would be gravel, sand, and a mixture of calcium salts.

The acid damaged concrete was first neutralized for pH then squared up and removed. Following the removal, the area was rebuilt with vinyl ester grout and ground to the original slope as shown in the second picture.

concrete floor repair

The final step was a top coating of chemical resistant vinyl ester

The final step in the repair of the damaged concrete was to apply an acid resistant coating of vinyl ester to help prevent damage from any future accidental escape of the sulfuric acid. These acid resistant coatings create an isolating barrier between the concrete and any exposure to the acid.

Self Leveling Systems

Does your floor need leveling? This floor system corrects  wavy or uneven floors. All floors designated to receive self-leveling cement will be shot blast prepared to establish an adhesion profile. The self-leveling material will be mixed in a twin hopper batch mixer, and pumped to the floor. Once applied, the self-leveling cement is pulled smooth and allowed to dry. Pre-fill may be required prior to the placement of self-leveling cement. The finished product may be coated, tiled, or carpeted.

Joint Fillers
Sealing joints in concrete floor

Condor pump used to install poly-urea joint sealant.

Finished concrete floor joints.

Finished joints with an analogous pigmented sealant.

Joint fillers will provide protection against joint breakdown. Most concrete floors contain joints, known as construction or control joints, which are placed at the time the concrete is originally poured. These joints control the cracking of concrete during hydration. They identify the termination of pour boundaries as well. Joint fillers can be pigmented in a variety of colors. Some epoxy fillers are ready for traffic in less than 10 minutes, thus avoiding any delay in any work or production.

Blackwell's Inc. is well versed in layout, cutting and filling of concrete joints. When requested, we can offer a "seamless" appearance to your floor as well.

Concrete Floor Polishing and Shotblasting
Concrete floor repair and concrete polishing.

Vinyl composition tile damaged by liquid waste water was manually removed. Diamond grinders with 16 grit diamonds then removed the adhesive from the tile. Polishing the concrete completed the work

Each and every floor coating must be thoroughly evaluated even if it's just to remove paint or other concrete coatings from the concrete. Preparing the surface for whatever application you require is one of the most important aspects of a successful coating installation.

Blackwell's Inc. utilizes Blastrac shotblasting equipment, Diamond Grinders, and Bartells scarifiers in conjunction with the knowledge of our highly trained associates. Each and every piece of equipment is maintained and operated by competent associates, who have been trained to safely execute the task.

Shotblasting machines use high speed steel balls to remove surface contaminants and soft concrete to give it a rough or "sandpaper" feeling for improved bonding of industrial coatings.

Diamond grinders are capable of lightly scratching the concrete surface or aggressively frinding it to remove old coatings and to polish the concrete surface.

Bartell units are aggressive units that utilize rotating cutting wheels to scarify the substrate. Mechanical preparation promotes adhesion of coating to the substrate. Shotblast and concrete planers are virtually dust-free with large vacuum units attached which vacuum up and filters out dust as surface is prepared.