Covid-19 Deep Cleaning

The global pandemic caused by Covid-19, the new strain of coronavirus, is causing Blackwell’s, Inc. to readjust and adapt new cleaning protocols for the industries we serve.

While it is impossible to fully understand the impact of this coronavirus, this does not alter our focus on continuing to serve industry in the southeastern United States. We are now just taking further precautions to aid in coronavirus prevention for the businesses we serve.

Industrial cleaning has been our specialty for over 25 years. Blackwell's will continue to monitor CDC and EPA guidelines, product recommendations, and implementation processes as required to maintain a front-line position in the battle against COVID-19. We believe the best way to prevent coronavirus is to clean surfaces thoroughly.

Much has changed in our world as it has in the sanitization treatment of facilities impacted by COVID 19 disinfection.  Blackwell’s, Inc. has a contingency plan in place designed to prevent any service disruptions due to coronavirus impacts.  Our day to day work now includes the cleaning and sanitization of equipment, rooms, and ductwork in industrial and processing facilities in locations with known visits by individuals suspected with, or with confirmed, coronavirus infection. We are prepared with equipment, trained associates, and coronavirus prevention materials necessary to attack and kill bacteria and viruses, including the COVID-19 coronavirus. Whether the coronavirus is latent on a touchable surface or attached to a dust particle within HVAC ductwork, it is within our grasp.

We are able to go into an industrial facility to clean, sanitize, and fog with EPA and CDC approved materials and complete sanitization projects with a very short lead time. Areas can usually be reoccupied within 1-2 hours of coronavirus disinfection fogging.

Covid-19 Cleaning Procedures

  • Health Screening of Blackwell’s, Inc. Associates Prior to Departure
  • Pre-job Planning to Ensure CDC Safety Precautions for Covid-19 are Followed
  • Select and Don the Proper PPE for Personal Protection
  • Meet with Facility Contact for Walkthrough
  • Initiate General Cleaning of Areas Prior to Sanitizing
  • Concentrate Sanitizing of “High Touch” Areas
  • Seal Off Sanitized Areas to Prevent Re-contamination with Covid-19
  • Equipment Used in the Cleaning and Sanitizing is Cleaned, Disinfected and Sanitized
  • All Transport Vehicles are Cleaned, Disinfected, and Sanitized After the Mobilization
  • PPE Used in the Cleaning is Doffed Within the Confines of a Containment Area
  • Used PPE is Sealed in Containers and Disposed