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Can a Concrete Floor Turn Into a Food Additive?

Imagine for a moment, your industrial concrete floor turning into a food additive.That is a wild thought! But the possibility is there.You see, acetic acid (think vinegar), used in car manufacturing and other industries, if allowed to react with concrete, forms calcium acetate.   Calcium acetate is used as a food additive.Acetic acid, even though it's considered a relatively weak acid,…
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Concrete Milling in the Restoration of Concrete.

It was used extensively during the Roman Empire and freed the Romans from having to use stone and brick material in their construction projects.  Concrete, as the Romans knew it, was a great advancement in construction engineering.  It was so advanced that, even today, the concrete dome of the Pantheon in Rome still exists.Concrete seems…
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Sulfuric Acid Damage to Concrete Floor

Sulfuric acid damage to a concrete floor.While coated flooring often requires less maintenance than other type finishes, cleaning and removal of any chemical spills must be performed.  Chemical spills should be neutralized, washed down with water, and removed as soon as possible. This is typically achieved by using a squeegee to remove the excess to…
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