If you're interested in seeing exactly how great our concrete floor coatings and other services look when complete, take your time to appreciate these beautiful images of finished jobs.


Polished Concrete

Polished concrete in military warehouse. Polished concrete and epoxy coated equipment pad.
Blackwells Polished concrete with epoxy coated equipment pad. 2 tone stained and polished concrete.
Polished concrete 'Super Floor'. 70 year old concrete cut into 8 inch tiles and polished. concrete floor polishing and epoxy floor coating


Coated Floors

1/4 inch epoxy flooring system. 30 mil epoxy system with chemical resistant urethane. Epoxy flooring system.
12 mil chemical resistant urethane. Blackwells 1/4 inch decorative epoxy flooring system.
1/4 inch decorative epoxy flooring system. Decorative quartz epoxy with non-slip aggregate. Decorative quartz epoxy with chemical resistant urethane topcoat.
concrete floor coating.


Industrial Cleaning

Dry Ice (CO2) Blasting a gas turbine compressor. Cleaning the interior of fume exhaust ductwork Dry Ice (CO2) Blasting the interior of flour silo.
Latex tank interior before sandblasting to remove rust and other contaminates. Same tank after sandblasting being coated with an epoxy system. The tank is now ready for latex storage.
Cooling tower before cleaning . . . Blackwells