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What is Dry Ice Blasting?

Well, for starters, it's a type of cleaning.  The "blasting" part of the name evokes an explosion.  And that's sort of correct (at least on a minuscule level).As you can tell by the name, it uses dry ice, or frozen CO2 if you prefer to call it that.Dry ice pellets being added to dry ice blasting machine.Dry…
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Confined Space Cleaning

30 years ago we were known as Blackwell's Chimney Sweep Service. But a lot has changed for us since then.   Back then, when the chimney sweeping period slowed, we needed something to do to stay busy, so we started doing pressure washing to supplement our work.  Cleaning ductworkWe had the good fortune to apply…
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Dry Ice Cleans Machinery (And Freckles!)

"Freckles Frozen Off With Dry Ice"That was a headline from an article printed in 1933 about an Italian doctor using dry ice to remove freckles. Keep in mind now that dry ice is minus 109 degrees F. That's COLD. The article went on to say that the dry ice was in contact with the freckle for about…
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