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OSHA Training . . . a High Priority at Blackwell’s Inc.

Clint Greathouse, Safety Coordinator at Blackwell's Inc., recently completed the OSHA Course Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Occupational Industry at the OSHA Training Institute Education Center at the Georgia Tech Research Institute in Atlanta.This training is one of two OSHA courses that, once completed, will authorize Clint to train employees from the construction industry in occupational…
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Dry Ice Cleans Machinery (And Freckles!)

"Freckles Frozen Off With Dry Ice"That was a headline from an article printed in 1933 about an Italian doctor using dry ice to remove freckles. Keep in mind now that dry ice is minus 109 degrees F. That's COLD. The article went on to say that the dry ice was in contact with the freckle for about…
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Care of Polished Concrete Floors

 Polished concrete floor in an Army base warehouse We would like to think that your polished concrete floor looks as good today as the day it was installed, but unless you’ve done a good job cleaning, it probably doesn't. Dirt is the enemy of a polished concrete floor. Here are some things you need to be doing…
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Daily Care of Polished Concrete

What you should do daily to care for your polished concrete:Blackwell's Inc. recommends the regular removal of dirt and debris using a gritless sweeping compound daily. Using sweeping compounds that contain emollient laden granules will attract and remove dust while leaving a reflection enhancer. In high traffic or heavy soiled areas, usingan auto scrubber daily with cleaners…
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