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Electrostatic Dissipative and Conductive Flooring Systems

Everyone will agree that technology is growing at an unprecedented pace in the 21st Century, and along with this growth, certain previously unknown problems have arisen. Partial and catastrophic failures in micro and nano circuitry due to electrostatic discharge on the production line are a relatively recent phenomenon. Electrostatic discharges can create severe issues with…
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Caring for a Newly Installed Coated Floor

      Multi-color epoxy system with a chemical resistant urethane topcoat.We pride ourselves on installing a coated floor system that you will be proud of and will last for a long time.  Newly installed coated flooring systems should be cured a minimum of 72 hours at 70° F. before any wash downs.  Only warm water should be…
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Blisters in a Floor Coating? (It’s Probably NOT From Heat

It’s nice to have all the time in the world to get things done.  But you can bet a construction contractor does not have that luxury. For construction work to remain on schedule, a contractor has to have all the work completed on time . . . one sub-contractor has to have his work completed…
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Failures in Circuitry May Be Caused By Your Floors

Let’s say you are a Plant Manager of a company that uses electronic circuits and technology to make a product.  Now let’s say you are having problems caused by failures in the circuitry.  What’s a possible cause of this? It could be static electricity. Most elementary school kids know about static electricity.  They’ve seen their…
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